Q: Why would I want to use a pad under a Generac GS Series generator?

A: Currently the GS Series units come on a black plastic shipping pad that has a waffle bottom. This waffle bottomed pad has a tendency, over time, to settle such that the generator becomes unlevel. Once this occurs the customer's typically call and complaint which necessitates a return trip. The GenPad provides a solid base for the generator and reduces to eliminates the unit becoming unlevel.

Q: Can I install the GS Series on the GenPad without removing the black plastic shipping pad?

A: Yes, by leaving the black plastic pad attached to the unit with the back two bolts and by removing the front two bolts. Place the unit, with the black plastic pad in place, on top of the already placed and leveled GenPad. Align the bolt holes of the GS-Series unit with the inserts in the GenPad and attach together by using 3" long 3/8" bolts.

Q: What is the GenPad's warranty?

A: The GenPad is warranted from defects in materials and/or workmanship for the life of the generator that it supports.

Q: Does the GenPad qualify as a "Green" product?

A: Yes, the GenPad contains 25% recycled materials.

Q: Is the GenPad reinforced with rebar?

A: Yes, the GenPad is structurally reinforced with rebar in the lower 1/3 of the pad.

Q: Why are utility pads not recommended for installation with generators?

A: Utility pads are not compliant with National Fire Prevention Code # 37, which states that if a fire is present the pad must be able to support the Generator without collapsing. Utility pads are used in AC unit installations do not have to meet that code in that AC units don't have natural gas lines attached to them — Generators do. So, if you have a fire you don't want to rupture a gas line and now have a steady fuel source available.

Q: If the house sits on an incline or hilly location, how do you install the GenPad to be level?

A: Build up the area with landscape timbers and then use soil from the area that you just dug out for fill. Tap the filled soil and then place the GenPad. See our Photos & Video page for a video example.

The standard GenPad™ is ideal for most residential applications. GenPad Hurricane™ is designed for storm prone areas and is a thicker, heavier pad.