Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, the GS Series generator comes with a black base with a waffle bottom. Over time, this base can settle and require a return trip to the install site to address. The GENPAD® provides a solid bas for the generator and reduces the chances of the unit becoming unlevel.

The GENPAD is warranted from defects in materials and/or workmanship for the life of the generator that is supports.

Yes, the concrete GENPAD contains 40% recycled materials.

Yes, the GENPAD is structurally reinforced with rebar in the lower 1/3 of the pad.

HVAC pads are not compliant with National Fire Prevention Code #37, which states that if a fire is present the pad must be able to support the generator without collapsing. HVAC pads used in AC unit installations do not have to meet that code because, unlike generators, they do not have natural gas lines attached to them. If there is a fire, you don’t want to rupture a gas line and create a steady source of fuel.

Build up the area with landscape timbers and use soil to fill in the area. Tap the filled soil and use a long level to ensure it is level. If not, repeat filling the site until it is level.

The GENPAD is available in the original concrete and and also composite material (fiberglass reinforced compound).