GENPAD® Composite Generator Pad

Composite Pad min-min

54"L x 31"W x 3"H
33 lbs.

The Composite GENPAD is a revolutionary generator pad crafted from high strength, fiberglass reinforced thermoset sheet molding compound. At only 34 lbs., the Composite GENPAD is an exceptionally strong, lightweight pad that resists cracking and breaking, withstanding over 1200 lbs. of weight. Installation time will be shorter and easier, requiring only one-person handling. The Composite GENPAD’s UV-resistant concrete grey color with textured top will not fade over time. The pads are nestable, making them easier and more cost effective to store and ship. Flame rated for outdoor gas-fired generators. Drain holes allow for water and moisture to drain away. Designed for use with Generac 10-26kW generators. 

genpad composite pad bottom
genpad composite pad stacked
genpad composite pad generator on top